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delivering modular building materials and the architectural and engineering services needed to plan housing projects.
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SQL Global Architects S.L.
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SQL's seasoned team of architects, engineers and logistical experts source the best of proven technology from round the globe and combine them into innovative new modular housing concepts. The team provides full-service backup support in all areas relating to planning, costing and executing housing projects. SQL delivers lower construction costs, reduced carbon footprints, faster construction times and, above all, comfortable living.


Cloondaragh Beag Holdings Ltd.
Cloondaragh represents SQL in Ireland - north and south. We introduce the use of Aerated Concrete Panels in building to developers, architects, contractors, politicians, urban planners and the general public. We show the immense potential SQL's modular build concepts have for addressing the housing shortage in Ireland. In close collaboration with SQL, we evolve practical, ready-to-implement solutions incorporating high-quality materials and many innovative ideas for fast delivery of eco-friendly, socially appealing, affordable housing.

Cloondaragh Principals:
Michael Power
: 35+ years in Germany, lastly as member of board of DGH AG, Hamburg Stock Exchange listed real estate investment company. Michael has good network connections to European building  materials and property companies.
David Connolly: Founder and Chairman of Frontline Energy and Environmental, the facilities, energy and project management company based in Dublin. David has experience in corporate finance and the built environment. He is a member of BIFM.

SQL shipments are thoroughly inspected at the manufacturers to verify quality and quantities by independent, internationally certified cooperation partners. Our quality assurance partners provide Assurance, Testing, Inspections and Certification services as required to meet Irish building regulations. Their independent confirmation of content and compliance with applicable building standards assures customers that they are getting exactly what they ordered, and are the basis for liability insurance coverage. Customer's LC payment is not released until customer's specifications have been verified.

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