Modular Housing Solutions for Ireland

Affordable, high quality, ecologically friendly houses supplied in containers and assembled by a small team in only a few days.

Houses delivered in containers, ready for fast, modular assembly

Cloondaragh represents an innovative international purchasing community that leverages multi-national buying power for best prices. We supply all the modular building materials that go into making modern, high-quality, energy efficient homes at affordable costs. Modular structures and innovative installation techniques reduce construction times and workmanship costs even more.

We provide training so that your small teams (4 workers and a transportable crane) can assemble a house in only a few days.

We provide all the architectural, engineering and logistics support needed to calculate the quantities needed in a project and to run a full cost analysis of implementation, including delivery to site and assembly.

Delivery quantities and quality are fully checked and certified at source before LC payment is released. Shipments are delivered in 40 foot containers to the nearest port to the customer. Lead times are approx. 6 weeks production, and 5-6 weeks shipment time.

  • Core and shell: high-quality modular structures
  • Light materials with no compromises on structural integrity
  • Excellent thermal features, ecologically sustainable
  • Fast build in small teams
  • Fit out & Installations: modern designs, highest quality interiors
  • Innovative methods for fastest assembly and installation
  • Competitive prices, excellent economies of scale for contractors