Cloondaragh is the authorised agent in Ireland for SQL Veritas Living, a Holland-Spain based company operating throughout Europe. We bring aerated concrete panels in all their applications to Irish developers for fast and economical building of houses, student accommodation, apartments, warehousing etc.

Using ACPs, the shell of a building is assembled in less than half the time of traditional builds. ACP panels are light without any compromises in structural integrity, they have excellent thermal and acoustic features, are ecologically friendly, sustainable and economical.

The Process: SQL architects and engineers analyse the planning designs prepared by our clients’ architects. On the basis of the planning specifications, we make an offer for supply and assembly of the shell of the building (outside walls, interior walls, floors, ceilings) using ACP panels. Crane scheduling for follow-on roof construction included.

Lead times after signing supply contract (eg 4 houses): 4 weeks production scheduling, 2-3 weeks delivery by ship & truck to site, 1 week assembly by team of 4 workers.

SQL provides full technical information and backup service for all compliance issues, planning, site logistics etc. Ancillary certification by recognised Irish certifiers is made available as required, in particular for Part A Building Regulations, structural engineering, and Part L, mechanical features. Contract of supply between Contractor & SQL; SQL approved assembly team operates as subcontractor to client. Facilitating all stages of project management: Cloondaragh in collaboration with SQL. We also provide an experienced Irish site-based director on projects.