Traditional Concrete Prefab SQL Bespoke Construction Kit
In situ poured concrete for columns, floors, partition walls & exterior walls.Prefab concrete sections, with or without insulation & windows. Concrete pillars poured on site.Steel structure bolted frame with ACPs for floors, walls & roof. Alu windows & doors.
Complexityvery complexcomplexsimple
Building Time100%50%60%
Building Costs100%90%70%
Energy RequirementsRequires thick insulation layers as concrete has low thermal resistance.Requires thick insulation layers.ACPs have excellent thermal resistance @ 5 times higher than average concrete solutions.
Fire ResistanceNormalNormalVery high. ACPs are often used in flammability testing chambers.
Working SpaceLarge, esp. for pumps and pouring moulds.Large, to account for heavy and bulky sections.Small. Only light equipment required for assembly from containers.
TransportationTrucks, pumps, levelling equipment, mould making.Sections are 5 times heavier than ACPs. Heavy trucks and cranes needed.Containers are brought JIT in the right order to site and assembled using light hoisting equipment.
Site ManagementWet, lots of ancilliary equipment, large workforce.Clean site, but rework to fix even small misalignments can cause a lot of rubble.Clean site, no wet areas. Light lifting equipment.
Quality ControlQuality control is on site and correspondingly demanding, esp. because there are usually several subcontractors.Quality assurance is incorporated in an industrial production process. Fitting prefab sections is, however, highly demanding and can reduce overall quality.Quality assurance is incorporated in an industrial production process. In larger buildings with steel structures, there is little room for error.
Building WasteHighLow, except when adaptations require heavy equipment.Low. Adaptations are comparable to working with normal block.
FlexibilityOnly non-load-bearing partition walls can be altered.No flexibility. The system is extremely engineered. Production changes require extensive modificationsHighly flexible. Panels & dimensions can be easily altered, even on-site during construction.
MaintenanceNormalNormalNormal. SQL also supplies long-lasting materials such as alu windows.
Building LifeNormalNormalNormal
Sustainability / RecyclingDifficult. Separation of building materials on demolition is expensive.Difficult. Many different materials tightly connected.Excellent recyclability. Steel can be reused, steel core can be refitted or dismanteled. Panels are easily regrinded for reuse. Aluminium (windows) is recylced.