Modular Housing Solutions for Ireland

Affordable, high quality, ecologically friendly houses supplied in containers and assembled by a small team in only a few days.

Modular Housing
flexible modular designs for modern detached, semi-detached, terraced and co-living housing concepts

modular build
spacious homes of 160 sqm with 3 bedrooms, 1 or 2 bathrooms, optional carport, roof terrace and other modules, fast and economical build
modern, light-filled quality homes
built with top-quality materials and finishes
modern urban designs
detached, semi-detached, terraced and co-living housing projects conceptualized as modular units for fast, economical building
full-service planning support
team of highly qualified architects delivers full support on all aspects of planning housing projects
economic build
Building costs are cut down to assembly of the houses that are delivered in containers. Reduced costs also via extra-fast fittings of doors and windows.

Fast Build
light weight modular fire-proof building materials with high thermal insulation and low ecological footprint

steel structures
light and heavy steel structures from Q245 to Q355, galvanized, painted, coated and fire-sprayed for mid- to high-rise buildings.
ACP light-weight panels
ACP panels in many dimensions, densities, load bearing qualities and compression strengths for interior or exterior walls.
double and triple glazed windows
aluminium double & triple layered windows with hardened glass and unique thermal bridges and finishes at competitive prices
air-to-water systems
sets with heatpump, boiler and high-end control systems to utilize the energy in the outside air for heating and tap water.
on- and off-grid systems
mono and polycrystalline solar panels, inverter, cabling, connectors, combiner, mounting, optional battery systems and charger from 3 kW to 20 kW.

Quality Materials
aluminium honeycomb doors with concealed hinges, heavy duty SPC flooring, including prefixed noise reduction ...

alu honeycomb doors
variety of main and partition doors and wide selection of handles and fittings
concealed hinges
doors feature hidden hinges and magnetic locks
natural stone
natural stone and ceramic claddings for stylish modern finish
SPC flooring
high-quality SPC flooring including prefixed noise reduction underflooring
SPC flooring
robust and durable in many aesthetic finishes

Interior Designs
baths, vanities and showers in many styles, ceramic and natural stone cladding and tiles, fully fitted kitchens

stone walls
natural stone wall cladding
baths, showers, vanities
baths, vanities and showers in standard to high-end quality
natural stone
modern, ligh-filled bathrooms in natural stone
fully fitted kitchens
complete, fully fitted kitchens available in many styles from entry level to high-end.
high-quality kitchens
styles available include classic, rustic, robust etc.

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