Modular Housing Solutions for Ireland

Affordable, high quality, ecologically friendly houses supplied in containers and assembled by a small team in only a few days.

Houses delivered in containers, ready for fast, modular assembly

Offering major advantages over traditional building materials, we are introducing precast reinforced autoclaved Aerated Concrete Panels to the Irish market. ACPs can be used in all applications in Irish building, including housing, apartments, student accommodation, warehousing and business park box retailers. The construction methods used to assemble buildings are the same as those builders are already fully familiar with. ACPs are CE certified and fully compliant with all EU norms. Our team of experts ensures full compliance, including ancillary certification, with all Irish building regulations.

  • Easy & fast construction
  • Light weight
  • Clean, dry building site
  • High thermal insulation properties
  • Highest class fire resistance
  • Good sound insulation
  • Sustainable, environmentally friendly
  • Durable
  • Economical